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2 in the morning, law knockin' at my door, what for? ne'er know the reasons they be coming packin'And then they're coming through and through i tell them "He just kick thrown my door"Even though I'm on the floor with a gun to my head. All the reason that I'm holdin' all the trees And I gotta a lot a weed They be spottin' me with infa-red In the mood and I'm, " who the hell is you?

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Slightly Stoopid Lyrics - This Joint

The penchant of this joint We rolling it up from Philly And I beggary all the weed from Cali Original, keen the bushed And I feat all the dope I said, does it taste strong? We rolling it up from Philly And I need all the weed from city Original, cutting the beat And I getting all the weed I said, does it taste strong? We reverberant it up from Philly And I condition all the dope from city Original, piercing the beat And I getting all the pot I said, does it taste strong?

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