My friend and his wife

Here is a general scenario: a friend asks you for currency for the down commerce on a car and promises to pay you aft as shortly as he can. beingness the loving and affectionate friend that you are, you immediately give the money, reassured it instrument come back in due time. After all, you’ve noted your acquaintance for years and trustfulness him, and you wouldn’t expect any less.

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Two formative men, Ye-joon and Jae-moon, soul been close friends since doing military service together. Ye-joon has late worked his way up to becoming a successful financier, while the unenterprising Jae-moon has opted for a a lot less conspicuous route. He now industrial plant as a cook and is enjoying family life with his married woman Ji-sook and their new-born son.

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My wife and I have chosen the Philippines as our retirement home and lived here full time period since 2006. Our prox in Iloilo was tight once bought a possession and stacked a general assembly outside of Iloilo City, in the small seaside townspeople of Tigbauan, about one-half distance west of the municipality proper. Iloilo City continues to be our water center for shopping, medical care, feeding and other city-bred sustenance and necessities. Routine Medical aid is in stock and informative opportunities are extensive.

What to Do When a Family Member or Friend Won't Pay Back a Loan


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