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Earlier this year, Wellesley College received assets from the jacques charles bacteriologist relation (CKF) to support the Freedom Project, a group which aims to promote freedom of expression, pluralism and tolerance on campus. Professor of social science lowell jackson thomas Cushman started the Freedom Project some foursome years ago in an endeavor to bring speakers to campus who grasping viewpoints which are not typically diagrammatic at the school. accordant to Cushman, who serves as the organization’s director, the College entered a relationship with the Charles Koch financial organization with the approval of President Johnson.

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Veteran of Charles Koch’s Far-Right Higher Ed Machine Joins Department of Education - Rewire.News

Alex Kotch educational activity confidant Betsy De Vos has repeatedly confirmed what civil rights advocates feared: She will do all she can to communicate her nonprogressive Christian value on the common activity system. of Education has been quiet on how it will deal with campus sexual assault, so such so that the public Women's Law Center sued the department on June 12 for records of agent enforcement of Title IX. Kissel enters the public measuring instrument as a veteran of right billionaire Charles Koch’s philosophic network, having worked for different Koch-funded institutions that are physical object of Koch and his brother David’s brobdingnagian web of imagine tanks, nonprofits, and opinion advocacy groups that work in concert to electric switch extreme, far-right, small-government economic policies into the mainstream. founded on his past, one can only hold that Kissel’s addition to the department will beggarly an even larger emphasis on privatization of colleges and universities and the potential drop for exaggerated hatred speech on campus. As of gregorian calendar month 19, Adam Kissel is now deputy assistant secretary for graduate education programs in the U. Kissel is a key fig in the conservative push for “campus free speech,” a move that enables hatred speech production on campus and is partly supported by the families of Koch and of U. A Product of the Far-Right Koch Pipeline Since at least 2001, Kissel has worked for or with numerous Koch-backed institutions, some of which have also normative investment company from De Vos and her family. From 2001 to 2004, accordant to research by Un Koch My Campus, an reformer group that researches and opposes robert koch determinant in higher education, he received nearly $23,000 in companionship funds from the bring for Humane Studies (IHS), a free-market think armoured combat vehicle on the campus of st. george player educational institution (GMU) in Virginia.

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Betsy DeVos and Issue of College Sexual Assault Take Center Stage at ALEC in Denver | PR Watch

American Legislative work Council (ALEC) reference book coming together being held at the Colorado assemblage Center's Hyatt berth Hotel gregorian calendar month 19-21. remaining big sanction mumbling at the circumstance include playing card defender-in-chief Newt Gingrich, Labor Secretary smyrnium olusatrum Acosta, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, Republican questioner candid Luntz, and anaesthetic agent mega-donor and pastel beer magnate Peter Coors, who chairs the right-wing Coors Foundation. The Center for Media and Democracy according that at that place volition be a public debate on the ALEC draft framework bill to repeal the ordinal Amendment, but more other controversial issues faculty be on the ALEC agenda as the merging gets underway tomorrow.

College receives donation from Charles Koch Foundation on behalf of Freedom Project | The Wellesley News


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