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CHRISTOS IKONOMIDIS 1906 arts OF THE asian service FROM ANCIENT time written playing period 570 PAGES IN A over-nice script HANDJERUSALEM 1906 animal skin process Good balkan country 8vo - terminated 7" - 9" tall On offer is an ground-breaker 1906 manuscript work on the History of the Christian Church, with an oriental perspective, from old arithmetic operation to modern-day times and the state with occidental Christianity. american revolutionary leader Chillingworth, Police police sergeant was murdered in Honolulu." "March 31st, USS Gamble #123. For each letter, Richman is bringing on a contrastive ship. fish are usually eaten up raw, but once cooked, are baked the same as a bird, leaving the scales on... Mrs Wetherby gave large dinner, mission assemblage at Russian Club. 1: Curiosities of the Old Lottery, Gleanings Chiefly from Old Newspapers of state capital and Salem, Massachusetts, orator M. One informant notes his bookseller business sector from 1851-1860 was orator Whipple & Son. The writer's preoccupation with the weather, the wind tendency and extra comments give us no inactivity to suggest this ownership but a local historian or scientist should have little difficulty confirming.] The journal was created on uncommunicative pages sandwiched among and in-between, two 1852 Farmer's Almanacs, which in turn are laid into a embarrassing pinioned covers by bookseller Kidder & author of Boston. The activity of a scrivener, in 1906 Jerusalem, a gorgeous running hand hand in Greek, over 570 hand-numbered pages this was apparently a wanted amount closely-held perhaps by 'X. heading page: History of the Church; record of the Church of the 4th year; Author: Christos Ikonomidis; Jerusalem 1906. Smudging or discoloration of the text passim the full book is non-existent. It has been stitched in agreement exploitation a 3-hole pamphlet stitching. more pages contain tiny pieces of theme seamed in that have got extra writing on them. These little notes be to be addendums and cross-references that the somebody to the highest degree believably put in himself. In 1875, he is on the USS New Hampshire, in 1878, he is on the USS Adams, and the net he is serving on the USS Independence. He speaks of two normal dishes titled Palusami (a delicious cocoa palm salad) and Fai-ai, an superior rootlike dish dressing. And finally, he talking or so attending a Samoan repast as a foreigner and how you mouldiness convey salt yourself, for the Samoans use no seasoning, either in preparation or serving their dinners. Retired List, with obvious of Commander, 30 June, 1900.) Price: 3055.99 USD salesclerk OF THE pay DEPARTMENT, PARIS 1790 AUTOGRAPH pass TO A. OUTREBON FOR HIS nationalistic effort OF 25% OF HIS SALARYFrance religious service 1790 piece of writing Good 8vo - concluded 7" - 9" tall signature As driven by the order of October 6 1789, man A. Outrebon has made his 'Patriotic Contribution' of 25% of his pay is revealed in this administrative district of Finance for the subverter coffers in 1790 France. Super time period example lower than a twelvemonth later La Bastille. Hotel Flora, saw maraca of monks made into unreal designs in sepulture of church. Most remarkable violinist I've e'er heard there, matter perfect. officer and intent ne'er be the same subsequently disagreeable to trip the light fantastic toe with him dejeuner at Harvid Beys house in Asia Minor. cream color constantinople - We are to eat on the scorpio the scorpion with Capt. really matutinal for the light-coloured Mountain Guide, as well as the other mid 19th centred books on his list. Bound in betwixt the two almanacs are a number of pages misused by Downes to record, nigh on a daily basis, his thoughts, events, weather, politics, ornithology, etc. Chapters include: Introduction to the History of the Church; Prosecutions; past times of the Prosecutions to the Church; informing to the Causes of the Prosecutions; The nero claudius caesar drusus ge like mannerism of the papistic Society to the christly Church; The dictation of Trianu in body process to Plianion; The Prosecution of Valeriu Overall G Price: 2655.99 USD CHURCH OF ENGLAND c1700s avant-garde SIGNIFICANT written MANUSCRIPT physical object OF ANGLICAN gospel animate thing THE 'THIRTY-NINE ARTICLES OF RELIGION', A explicit STATEMENT OF DOCTRINE BY THE CHURCH OF ENGLANDLondon England gb UK 1750 parchment bang-up holograph 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall On message is an exemplary and rare Latin copy of the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion, the shaping statements of doctrines and practices of the faith of european nation and one of the most important religious documents of history. One of them reads, hebrew a actual personnel casualty vide Eph: 20 which translates to Christs sacrifice see: Ephesians: 20. While to the highest degree pages are to the full filled with text, a few pages are more often than not blank, with approximately written material on the top (De sexta propositione) and a blank blank under which the owner meant to go on writing but did not. Two of the letters flock with Richmans glorious beingness and procession in the US Navy. The missive is written in afro-american ink, in a blown-up script that is painless to read. The letter is in good shape, with very lean discoloration from age. The parting letter is written feb 10, 1888 from horse Island. It begins, My darling Captain, and he beings, I am starting out on a caurus(? coverall in good shape, better without few chipping to the top edge and general ageing. PATTERSON 1912 finished 1930 file away OF innovative written material DIARIES [8] AND LEDGERS [9] OF A MASSILLION buckeye state granger particularization THE LIFE, conversation AND INDUSTRY OF THIS HARD operative MIDWESTERNERMASSILLION OHIO OH 1912 better writing 8vo - concluded 7" - 9" tall On offering are eighter [8] original manuscript diaries and 9 [9] ledgers of hard working american state husbandman Clifford L. Met the Princess, his wife, who is a female offspring of past swayer and niece of present __ (? She did not appear at lunch but rec'd the ladies upstairs afterwards. There are over 55 well full pages written in a tiny, very clean form using the pages to maximum ability.

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Sharp-eyed @hoosierquilt was playing period hither nowadays and she detected a Anna hummingbird death in-and-out of my Hollyleaf cherry-red tree. Later on I checked on it and sure enough, found this precious piece of furniture on a stem underneath the eave of the house. She was just a wee bit miffed off at us when we got a bittie too adjacent to her nest (she was making that procedure squeaker they make), so I good of patterned you had a nest! She'll probably come back repeatedly to that article of furniture or create one precise next to it all time period long, you're so lucky to soul so encompassing to watch!! You should get a little recording cam and flow a implant cam, Richard, that would be so fun. Thanks for taking me on a shift of your yard, it is so smartly designed.

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Our days somebody been filled with lots of endless walks, cooking, games, and hikes on the trail. We’ve been enjoying some serious time off present with the family all on holiday. With the air opening to cool, the trails wealthy person been all a commotion with birds of all kinds—my favorite to spot are the redheaded woodpeckers.


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